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SeaTalkie wins the HK ICT 2017 -
Gold Award - Best Lifestyle category

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SeaTalkie is funded on KickStarter successfully.
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SeaTalkie is an IPx8 3-meter waterproof walkie talkie for water sport and outdoors.
It is controlled by an android APP.


Application : Jetpack water sport  
Application : Stand up paddling  

Application : Canoeing

Application : Kitesurfing  
Application : Wakeboarding
Application : Canyoning


SeaTalkie is waterproof.
3-meter for 3 hours, 5-meter for 30 mins.
It using our special waterproof technology.
Plese see the below youtube for details:


Simple and useful user interface.

Android APP for setting SeaTalkie:

It should be the world 1st walkie-takie using mobile-app to control


Communicate upto hundreds of teammates:

SeaTalkie using UHF traditional walkie talkie channels of 400 ~ 480 MHz.
Thus compatible to other walkie-talkies and forming a large network with range upto 3km.


Light weight and small in size

Design for wtersports and outdoor activities


40 countries are supported:
Suits for oversea trips

40 countries talkie license -free channel preset. :
   Australia , Belgium, Canada , China , Denmark , Europe Union,
   Finland , France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland ,
   Ireland, Italy , Macau , Malaysia ,  Mexico,  Netherlands,
   New Zealand ,  Norway,Portugal , Singapore, Spain,
   Sweden ,  Switzerland, Taiwan,  
   United Kingdom (UK),  United States (US)

Transmit from SeaTalkie

Over 5 km for hilltop to valley, varies at different environment
About 500 to 800 meters for both side at sea-level (actual test)

How to buy SeaTalkie

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Contact us :
Whatsapp / TEL (Hong Kong) +852 6558 2679
Facebook page: